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>> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone, i am frank mallicoat >> i michele griego. and east a teacher arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a student. >> tonight parents and teachers taking on that issue but as elisa harrington found out, the popular teachers alleged behavior has shocked a lot of people. >> if this is true, it is
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something that is very troubling. >> it is anything but a normal day at albany middle school, parents and kids find out a teacher was arrested on suspicion of lewd acts with a child, and alleged inappropriate relationship with a student in the district. >> that is scary. >> another example of these people needing to be thoroughly examined before they are around children. >> school officials say that he had been teaching here since 2008 and coached basketball and volleyball at the school and it did not take long for news of the arrest to spread. kids were surprised to hear the popular teacher who they fondly called mr. all right was in jail. >> he is the basketball coach and a dear teacher, everyone really likes them. >> the principal would not talk but the superintendent addressed the media. >> everyone in the district is devastated. >> she would not give out specific details about the allegation except that it involved one student. the complaint was made to the high-school principal on monday.
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>> i felt that there was enough information to put that teacher on leave for, not only for the protection of the student, but for his protection as well. >> they called police to make an arrest wednesday morning. the case is still under investigation and that teacher is being held on $100,000 bail. >> as a parent is always deeply concerned. i also know that it is important to get all the facts so that we have a clear understanding. >> the district sent parents a letter that lets them know if the teacher was put on leave and that his classrooms will be rearranged and also invited parents to a meeting here at the school tonight where they will address concerns an answer questions. >> hundreds of campbell's soup employees in sacramento will be out of a job this time next year. declining profits forced the n.j.-based company to close two factories here. the sacramento plant will shut down for good by next summer
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leaving nearly 700 people jobless. the factory had the highest production costs in their network. >> while the business case was very compelling, it is a difficult decision when you impact the lives of employees. >> there are always rumors but there is never anything that was certain, but today a kind of laid on people's hearts. >> their operation in stockton and bakersfield will not be affected. >> preparations for the america's cup preliminary is already under way but as the venue is not ready for the regatta in march than the city may be facing penalties. ann mackovic is in san fransisco with how much money we're talking about and how much money is that? >> up to $10 million. if you have been all along the embarcadero any time recently you have seen construction sites like the one year behind may, and now the america's cup organizers and the city of san fransisco have a new agreement
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that has the citibank thing that these venues, now under construction, will be ready in time. >> the america's cup races in the san francisco bay brought thousands to the shoreline this summer. the second round of a preliminary races next week will likely do the same but is having the america's cup here worth the risk? >> that is a good question. >> definitely. >> you have a dilapidated pier down there. >> seven sister needs to have appear prepared for the main events and if not the city would be liable for escalating payments starting at more than $29,000 per day. up to $9.8 million to be paid to race organizers. on the biggest projects, pier 27 where a cruise ship terminal will turn into a spectator village. it was damaged by a fire on june 20th and if it is not finished in time the contractor would have to pay the city $5,000 every day but that is a fraction of the city's liability. the other peers promised to the
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events, pierce 3332. >> i'm very excited because what they're building year will probably be a big improvement from what was here in the past, so walking along this path it is nice to see that the. >> the mayor says the race will inject $1 billion into the local economy even though participation is below expectations, with about half the number of teams competing next year than originally predicted. >> who knows? but to move ahead you need to take risks. >> this new plan just passed the finance committee last night for the city of san francisco and now headed to the full board of supervisors. >> thank you. the last standing occupy camp in san fransisco has been shut down, officers moved in last night at the campsite in front of the federal reserve on market street. occupied protesters have been warned for weeks to clear out, dozens of people were arrested and cited and released. the camp had been there since last fall, protesters say that
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this is a tactic to keep the movement down >> all clear in oakland following a car chase near lee middle school. oak lawn police have arrested a suspect after placing the campus on lockdown. patrick is here with more on what led up to that chase. >> just after 8:00 oakland police say that they spotted a suspect wanted for once close to 14th in oakland, he tried to drive away but crashed his car into a tree and then fled on foot into this neighborhood. >> we're treating this individual as armed and dangerous. currently we have the parameters set up an police activity. >> according to police, a middle school in the area was placed on lockdown in the emeryville k-9 unit was brought in to find the man looking in backyards all over the perimeter. >> the reason why we're treating this individual as armed and dangerous because in the past he has been known to carry weapons. >> then after 10:00 police say that they got their man on the 1200 block of adeline. no one was hurt, he was handcuffed and led away.
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>> the wanted person was in a yard and i cannot go into detail about where, we're still searching the area to make sure that no weapons or evidence was left behind. but this person is wanted in connection with a crime and i cannot go into the details of that. >> after taking some big time heat from the fans, the players, and the coaches, the nfl finally got the message and works out a new deal with the referees. >> it took two days of marathon negotiations and the officials' got what they wanted, it calls for salary increases of more than $50,000 by 2019. experts warn that this does not mean the days of bad calls are over. >> the players and coaches will be glad to have them back, somewhere in the first quarter, with a first blown call even with competent officials, they will be booed. >> the deal follows the chaotic win over green bay monday night.
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a sure-fire interception turn into a hail mary game winner for seattle. >> you better believe that was the motivation, the nfl realize they were in trouble. delivering food to those that live depended on it. a bay area chef providing nourishment to the needy. >> a new distinction for the ship that slammed into a rock off of the italian coast. the unusual award for that group. >> roberta gonzales at moffett field, what is the difference between a blunt end is that when? and how does weather affects them both? we will have that answer with a mobile weather. >> i'm lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center where the skies are clearing out very nicely. get ready because we will,,,,,,,
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>> it is the last thing that you would expect for the crew of the cruise ship that capsized off the italian coast. a maritime publication or did the seafarer of the year award to that ship. they said the crew are being recognized for their courage in the wake of a collision back in january, the word is not being shared with the capt. however who allegedly abandoned that ship and is still awaiting trial for several charges including causing that crash. >> unemployment claims were down by 26,000 at helping stocks rally on wall street. a live look at the big board where you can see the dow is up about 83 points. going to school like stanford may be expensive but it comes with a perk in the long run. >> the south bay university is ranked no. 10 when it comes to the highest paying graduates,
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salaries projected around $115,000. number one on the list as princeton. harvey mudd comes in at no. 2 and no. 3 is california institute of technology and before the u.s. naval academy in annapolis and rounding out the top five schools with high state graduates is another u.s. military academy, west point. colorado state and cal, sadly ... not in the top-10. >> a classic air ship docked at the moffett air field. >> the bay area's answer to chicken soup for the soul. the chef making a,,
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>> it is all about a week and right now because it is thursday. >> yes, already thinking about friday. but we were thinking about that on monday. >> it is going to be a great weekend, maybe the nicest weather weekend of the month as these centers are going to get cranked up outside with high pressure building in overhead. starting out with patchy dense fog but that is breaking up now except for the lingering patches along the coastline. as we sail into the afternoon we will see hazy sunshine and temperatures warmer today. a few clouds over night with a ridge of high pressure building overhead meeting dense fog along the coastline and maybe just inside of the bay but the week and is looking good, more
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sunshine and series e and valleys, the mergers hot in line with 97 degrees in fresno and 93 and sacramento and 89 and sunny skies in yosemite. monterey bay mostly sunny this afternoon and 67. that rich will continue to build overhead and by the weekend, maybe a week offshore wind and that maybe enough to were those temperatures up coast side and bring you sunshine there. maybe low seventies into sunday. as we get to the afternoon we may get more sunshine along the coastline and in tonights some of that patchy fog begins to move into the coast and maybe just inside of the bay. temperatures fantastic as we will see numbers as high as 81 degrees in san jose and 79 in milpitas and 76 degrees in san mateo with east bay temperatures in the 80s and low ninety's beginning to show up in antioch and brentwood. 86 degrees in pleasantville. 73 degrees in oakland and very nice in san fransisco and 83 degrees in santa rosa. the next couple of days we will watch the temperatures heat up
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in the bay area with mid-90s as we get into saturday and sunday and then a big time change as we get into the middle of this next week. next week we will see temperatures dropping well below the average and maybe we will start to talk about the rain. we have roberta gonzales live at moffett air field hanging out with led zeppelin? is that right? >> yes, the biggest zeppelin, one of the biggest zeppelin's in the world here at moffett field, weather plays a key important part. that zeppelin goes up into the sky. i wanted to talk to chris from airships ventures. first off, the difference between a blunt and a second? >> a blonde is a nonrigid balloon, it has no structure inside of it. but the air should has a structure like this on the air side that allows it to be larger and carry passengers, including yourself later on this evening. >> we are going to go up in the zeppelin at 5:00 and 6:00 so that we can see the
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microclimates for ourselves. how many people can board a ship dentures? >> 12 guest at a time including two members. every seat is a window and aisle seat. >> how long are they? >> up to two hours, and even an eight hour transit to los angeles. one of the most incredible sights that you'll ever see. >> how does the weather affects the pilots' plan? >> they are always checking out the weather forecast, weather plays a huge role. >> we were receiving pilot reports about the fog and trying to time when the fog would be rolling in the bay because that would interfere with the flight today over the san fransisco golden gate bridge? >> i am happy to report that your flight is a go. >> if you want more information about air ship ventures, visit us online at and click on links and numbers. frank and lawrence, i'm going to get the right of my life. >> i wish that you were up in it
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right now. >> is going to be fabulous and fog free. >> a lot of fun, ok. a more spacious started with a simple request, teach a teenager how to cook and now that idea has boiled over into a unique meals program that the chef says is saving lives. sharon chip in introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner. >> the food that leaves the kitchen of catherine's nonprofit must be beautiful, delicious, and nourishing, because it feeds people that were fighting for their lives. >> there's nothing more powerful than eating this way, and realizing that you actually feel better. >> catherine is the founder and executive director of this community project, a five year- old nonprofit delivering healthy organic meals to 80 patients and their families that are battling life-threatening illnesses.
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they deliver their free meals every week in sonoma county and orange county. this woman has been diagnosed with a terminal case of leukemia but says that these meals have kept her alive. >> the food is medicine, yes it is, you eat more vegetables, you'll learn how to eat a higher quality of food. >> the idea for it grew after catherine agree to teach a friend's daughter how to cook six years ago. catherine, the self-taught chef, and the teenager made meals for three families dealing with serious illnesses and that experience produced the perfect ingredients. >> it came out of that simple idea of getting kids in the kitchen and cooking for kids that are sick. >> it has served 900 families, 130,000 meals. hundreds of adult volunteers deliver meals and oversee 250 young chefs but it is the
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teenagers that do the cooking, using food from their garden and local donations. this 15 year-old has discovered that she can make a difference. >> i can do something that i love and help others so that is very great. >> karen is fighting ovarian cancer and says that catherine and 13 do not just serve nourishing food but also encouraging notes that the tercel. >> i took this very deeply into my heart and that is my new motto, " everything is possible ". >> now she is sharing a recipe with several nonprofits across the nation. >> the deep as long as human beings is to feel like our lives matter, and that we are cared for and that we care for others. and this is just one big stew of that. >> so for providing healthy meals for hundreds of seriously ill patients and their families, this week's jefferson award in the bay area coast to catherine. >> nominate your local heroes
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>> today's tip of the day will be laid variety nectarine's on the market now.
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you have to select and store them right to get a wonderful flavor. going into the fall these varieties are fantastic but some varieties have been sticking around for way too long and those old crop varieties are not as good. do not compromise on selection and storage. when you buy them, nice and read like this all the way around. very important, free from any shriveling whatsoever. when you bring them home, it is so important to store them on the counter, not in the refrigerator, enjoy them one or two days at the very most. the red variety, nectarines, on the market right now, a late crop, delicious, enjoyable, i love them this time of the year. i your fresh grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. >> get ready to see sherlock holmes like you've never seen before, the brand new drama debuts tonight right here on cbs 5. >> the stars of the show say that they are reinventing the classic character.
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>> the show takes sure law comes out of the united kingdom, out of london, transports him to new york city, where he is still british. he has had problems back home and finds himself in new york, where he meets dr. watson, played by lucy loop. who is a surgeon who is not practicing surgery anymore, she is having some of her own issues. and she is his companion as he is recently out of a rehabilitation facility. >> that is johnny miller talking about their new show " elementary " premiering tonight on this channel 10:00 >> the giants are moving closer to the league's best record, but that was not the only celebration at the ballpark. congratulations are in order to despair of fans during the third inning last night, one fan dropped to a knee and popped the question to his girlfriend under
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the watchful eye of lucille and all the fans nearby. what did she say? >> no. >> of course she said yes. >> we understand that the mascot, lucille, has been invited to the wedding. >> that is pretty sweet. >> one to remember, and it was on tv. what's better than that? >> that is going to do it, have
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